Our Commitment to the Lord

The members of this church is committed to the service of the Lord.  Under His guidance and leading, the members are involved in various ministries such as:

A.   Prayer Ministry

      We strongly believe in the power of prayer in our lives.  The church has formed groups that would pray continously for certain activities in the church.  The Prayer Warriors was formed to pray continuously every 9 in the evening for the church building construction.  It is a core group of ten (10) members who religiously pray for this project.  The church has also volunteers for its Prayer Marathon.  It is a prayer chain or cycle where one member prays and fasts on a specific day.  Initially, it was done for a one-month period but because we see the need of prayer in our lives, we continue to do this prayer chain as long as there are members who tirelessly pray for the projects of the church.

B.   Small Groups

      The church has different groups for specific area and sector:

       1.   Bible Study and Nurturing Group  -  caters to new members lead by the church elder and layman.

       2.   Women's Group  - caters to the needs and concerns of women which also include non-SDA.

       3.   Peter Group - youth group that caters to the youth including non-SDA.  The members are active in Branch Sabbath School and visitations. 

       4.   Sick and Elderly - caters to sick and elderly members of the church.

       5.   Children - addresses the needs of little children.  There is an existing Sabbath School class for non-SDA children around the vicinity of the church.  This includes feeding program for these children.

C.  In-reach Ministry

     Since our mission focuses on Matthew 28:19, the church provides learning session every Sabbath afternoon for members to study and/or review the Fundamental Beliefs, Bible marking class, how to conduct Bible Study, Voice of Prophecy, and consequently, EGWhite writings.  This will provide our members the basic knowledge of our faith and equip them for the ministry.


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